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Those days are gone when we used to play radio now we can play any music on the mobile. Google has brought YouTube Music that is conquering in the major market with its direct competitor Spotify. But how does it compare to the very well-established and well-known Spotify? What is the best in the market is the YouTube Music service should you choose?

YouTube Music has announced its slogan as “It’s all here“. And that’s true in every manner as there is so much here you can get anything like albums and singles to remixes. However, It’s not that simple as it’s service is not free. YouTube Premium Price varies as the plan you choose to stream the best music service.

YouTube Music has launched, but not alone along with that they have released another app with YouTube Music Premium which has no advertisement in it. Everything is not free anything has to pay some amount of fees. But you can download it for free only from this source which is the right destination for your search.

After downloading and installing it as shown below you can get all the advantages that could have got in the latest version. Follow every single step carefully the way is different than installing any other application. Otherwise, you’ll end up with the non-paid app.

How is YouTube Music Premium?

The foundation theme of any streaming application is to the self-respecting music industry. However, music streaming services are not that expensive. And using that concept Google has developed music streaming applications. It is not limited to only streaming the videos. YouTube Music is more about the industry in which Google is smart enough to leverage the benefit of using its services to develope across any entertainment industry.

YouTube Music has developed algorithm based music to play its aim is to take the music market away from Spotify. They offer a distinct app, which plays your favorite music depending on your past music play, mood, genre, and other location-based features. Google heavily emphasis discovering new music by leveraging machine learning to provide you recommendations on your habits of music taste by constantly updating playlists by time to time.

YouTube Music supports ads in its free version, but for a few bucks price, a month one can enjoy free music with any ads interruption. Suppose if one has a subscription to the Google Play Music they can access YouTube Premium as part of their membership. If you are a student at any high school you can purchase the YouTube Premium Student plan which is normally less compared to normal plans.

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Download and Stream Music on YouTube Music Premium APK

If you want to listen to music without any interruption on you can install YouTube Music Premium APK Download on your smartphone. We have given links from which you can download just in one click. If you are having any concerns read through the guide you can easily resolve all the common issues. Some of the details are given about the file in the description box.


NameYoutube Premium APK
CategoryGoogle Play Music
Last UpdateAugust 2018
Size(MB)50 MB
Developed ByGoogle Inc.
Downloads20+ Million
Install StepsClick Here For More Info
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Difference between YouTube Music & Premium

YouTube launched way before then it’s music version “YouTube Music” which was released in the year 2018 in few countries. And after every few months, it was released in the majority part of the world including the USA, Mexico, Australia, Canada & India. YouTube music is able to telecast major features such as live concerts and original cover songs.

YouTube Music came with two versions one which is free and filled with the ads as you use it, while the other is YouTube Premium, formerly known as “YouTube Red”. In YouTube Red now known as Premium can be used without advertising, along with some additional features such as downloading songs and play it in background features.

Pro Features of YouTube Music Premium

After purchasing the plan of monthly, quarterly or yearly, for music stream, we can listen to YouTube Music Premium for a price of $9.99 per month depending on the region in which you reside. This plan comes with some advantages compared to free use. Here are some features stated in-depth you can look for.

Listen in the Background

This feature of the package gives you the streaming of the music in the background. This is the difference between the basic plan and the premium subscription. It was not available in the previous development of the YouTube free app. From now onwards we can play music and put that in some corner and do our stuff. This also helps smartphones to stop excess drainage of the battery.

HD Audio Quality

Pro Version can be used to play music in high definition quality. This can vary from 64 KBPS to 4K KBPS audio. People can hang out with playing on their phones while flying around the world. This is the most amazing feeling just imagine the songs playing as rocking noise-canceling on headphones now since.

Ad-free Music

No one likes to disturb their ongoing party mood with continuously playing ads in the background. Every party freak likes to play music without advertising, the flow could be easily damaged, and it can be one of the main criticism of any party. The problem with having ads in the song is that you have to come up with a solution like a pirate the music and download and compromise with the situation.

Play Offline Songs – Downloads

The amazing thing is that is it can be downloadable and can be played while we are not connected to the internet while the personal list also automatically synchronized offline. Now we can listen to more than 30 million songs to choose from in of the worlds biggest music library.

Guide: How to Install YouTube Music Premium APK

You can enjoy all the premium features without spending behind the heavy subscription. Just follow the instruction clearly and install the app on your non-rooted android smartphone. If your android device is rooted you can install from the given direct download link. Or else you can follow the steps given below.

  • Initially make sure you have downloaded and install the microOG app.
  • Completing this prior step you can move forward to install the premium application of youtube music.
  • Now search you need to download and install Vanced MicroG. Make sure that you have checked the unknown sources in Settings. After that, you are able to install any apps.
  • Now you must have installed both MicroOG and YouTube Music Premium APK up till this point.
  • Next and last step is to just sign in and you are able to unlock all the gates of the pro features for free.
  • Write in the comment box if you have successfully installed or have any difficulties.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about the app, or any step which was obscure to you just write in the comment box. We’ll happy to assist you better. I hope you liked my article and please let me know your valuable suggestion just contact us or write in the comment box.

Plans for YouTube Premium?

There are mainly two types of plans you can think to subscribe one is individual or second is the family plan. Below is the table you can look for a plan given on a monthly basis. We have classified both Music and Video app for you. In a family subscription, it can be used by 6 people at the same time, along with they can log in to up to 10 devices.

YouTube Premium$11.99
YouTube Premium Family$17.99
YouTube Music Premium$9.99
YouTube Music Premium Family$14.99

Is it free to use without any subscription?

Yes, it is free to use without any kind of subscription or log in just like any other music streaming application like Spotify, Pandora. They earn money either from the subscription money or ads flowing in between the streaming music when we listen to them.

Which APP suits you: Spotify or YouTube Music?

YouTube has managed the best way of the search box in a more effective way than Spotify could have in their free version. In YouTube Music, we can simply filter the results by song, album, and we can also manage playlist directly with selecting the desired songs. While, Spotify has a different presentation for the search results in all the categories, which becomes impossible to filter and play according. The plus point of Spotify is that it can help us to customize playlists according to mood, movies, TV series and so on. Both streaming platforms have there goods and bads. Choose it on depending on the individual needs.

Is YouTube compatible with Alexa?

There is the biggest negative point is that it is not still missing the integration into devices like Amazon’s smart home Alexa. Yeah, it is not supported.


I hope this you liked and cleared all the concepts about the topic. Please share this article with your friends as well. Above all, we must help music professionals to develop the latest and creative music content this must become trump card. With YouTube Music Premium, we can download desired music that we want to listen to later without having to use internet connectivity. What do you think works best YouTube Music or YouTube Videos? Let us know your valuable input in the comment box below.

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