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PUBG Companion – Updated Full Version API

PUBG Companion

PUBG companion gives player full control over the game. This app provides official developer’s environment & server. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is free and updated regularly official PUBG API.


It currently supports for Smartphone. It’s developed with fondness, It’s the 1st kind of discord stats bot using data from PUBG API. If you are beginner then get more insight on weapons, location for cars, boat, and maps.

Statistics for PUBG players

• Full summary, You can see the number of games you played.

• Total Kill stats, assists, vehicle kills, damage dealt, headshot kills.

• Riding distance, Win Ratio, Multiple statistics, Things you need to improve.

Top10 played matches

• All teammates Stats

• Detailed Kill stats for each teammate such as kills and assists, vehicle kills.

PUBG Companion – Updated Full Version API


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