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Notifications in bubble Pro v4.4 Apk Download

Notifications in bubble Pro v4.4 Apk Download

Notifications in bubble Pro v4.4 Apk Download Quickly reply to Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Email, SMS, hangouts and all other messaging apps notification messages without opening them.

nHead notifications is a new and intuitive way to view your notifications. It can take a notification from any app and present it to you as a floating icon, similar to Facebook chat heads, but for any application. It even works in fullscreen mode (in Games, Youtube etc) and is fully customisable.

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Key Features
* Direct reply without opening app
* nHead notifications saves your time
* No need to drag notification bar, instead get all notifications instantly in floating chat bubble
* Save notifications to view later
* Access notifications in lock screen
* Select different types of bubbles and themes
* Block/Unblock notifications
* Disable nHead notifications for specified apps

nHead notifications solves the following problems:
* Dragging notification bar every time when you receive notifications
* Switching between SMS app and other apps for OTP
* Unimportant notifications
* Dragging notification bar to go to next, previous song
* Dragging notification bar to change song, or pause music while playing games
* And many more

Pro Features
* Get updates earlier
* Blocking/Unblocking notifications
* Multiple themes
* And many more will be coming

nHead works for all messaging apps like
• WhatsApp
• Telegram
• Hangouts
• Line
• Skype
• Twitter
• Threema
• Textra
• Facebook Messenger
• Plus Messenger
• Google Messenger
• Slack
• and nHead notifications app works for all other messaging apps.

1. Keep the app for 1 day to get better understanding of app features.
2. If you need any features please mention in review, we will give update with in a week with requested features.
3. Please give notifications, popup window, auto start permissions for the app, if you don’t know how to enable please search in google
4. Redmi mobiles(Redmi Note 3) have some problems, so auto start permission is must, give auto start permission via Security->Auto Start->Turn on for nHead

What’s New

Block/Disable apps options menu on notification itself
Settlings: Copy head enable/disable
Silent mode on do not disturb mode
Bug fixes and UI improvements
Previous release:
Skins/Themes Added
Sorted[A-Z] app list in block/unblock apps and enable/disable apps
Improved Home UI
Bugfix: Notification sound issue
Quick reply: Reply with large text
Settings: Notification show timeout
Quick Reply to all apps(Whatsapp, GMail, SMS, etc)
Swipeable cards theme

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