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Mini Militia Hack Apk v4.1.2 Mod

Mini Militia Hack Apk v4.1.2 Mod

In the beginning Chad Towns had partnered with a friend, Josh Neff, to initially create the Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia game (DA2MM). Chad was the originator of the stick shooter Doodle Army (DA1 circa 2009–2010?). At the same time Chad was working on a game with Hunter (me) called Flip the Bird (2011). After a while DA2MM became more of an operations work load than anticipated so Hunter came on board with DA2 (2012) to help manage ops, alert systems when servers went down, develop code for game servers, help out on design, etc. Josh moved on and discontinued actively supporting the game to work with his cousins on his own company “Mountain Machine Games”.

Hunter took over more and more eventually did things like upgrade and rewrite lots of the the game server code to fit our new needs of the time (good and bad! ha!). So to be accurate he was indirectly contributing early on, but not entirely hands on, during that first year of development.

Now all he does is slow down Chad by making the game tie into our growing business infrastructure like email sign-in servers, hack prevention systems (ongoing), storing game data on our own servers, and such 😉 We’ve had other partners, but they were for other games and not long lasting for reasons (we’re hard to please and we work too damn much for sane people’s tastes.)

One user review has been placed here. Have a look at it. I used mods before i got the hang of the game, but now that i have begun to love it I brought the propack and the battlepoint packs with my money.

Mini milita is developed by the insomniac LLC developers.

Pro Pack Unlocked

Mini Militia Hack Apk v4.1.2 Mod

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