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Candy Crush Saga Hack Free App v1.121.0.2 Apk Download

Candy Crush Saga Hack Free App v1.121.0.2 Apk Download


You can master this game by just following this simple tips and trick you need to follow this as you are intermediate, or beginner or even expert. We made your efforts pay you off without any Hazel and wasting your time. Read this full article till the end.

Think a few steps ahead, as if you were playing Chess or Rubik’s Cube. Integrate probabilities into your thinking, as if you were playing Poker. Learn from your mistakes, observe the mechanics and algorithms behavior. Analyze the setting of each level and devise a strategy with priority targets before action. Always aim for the longest possible combination for maximum chain combos — sometimes you have to “break” a level and generate massive chains to really “clean up”. Grind through the poorly designed levels by replaying them till you get lucky — it’s not your fault (sorry, there’s no other trick for those, unless you are willing to “pay to win”, which I don’t do).

Look everywhere, don’t just make a target and go behind it unless you complete that. For example, you want to finish a steipped candy anyhow and you might be looking a color bomb somewhere.

In case of jelly levels, try for a stripped candy mixed with a bomb, that will finish 50%.

Take your time and look everywhere and then make your moves.

Don’t hurry and bother.

Try to mix different combos candy.

Remember every stage has to cleared with special power shots. Some level are easily cleared by colored bombs, stripped or wrapped power shots.

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