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Candy Crush Jelly App v1.62.8 Mod Apk Download

Candy Crush Jelly App v1.62.8 Mod Apk Download


Play Candy Crush Jelly App on your android smartphone device by downloading from This game have something to cheer. You can commit some kind of guess work on this. If you are one of the best guess worker then this game is for you buddy. There some idea we have shared have look at it.

Candy Crush is not-so secret addiction which is the most consumed users many days and plagued users nights. Users have managed to figure out quite a few tips, tricks, and flat out cheats that have helped me beat level after level: Here are some Best of them are:

Top 5 ways to beat the candy out of Candy Crush:

1. Find the patterns!

There are things that will make a sprinkle donuts hole or special candy effortlessly. Recognizing and repeating them allows you to wipe the board and earn your ticket to the next level faster. I’m always looking for these patterns. I memorize which patterns lead to which special candy and then set them up whenever possible and as needed.

2. Start at the bottom

Crushing candies on the bottom is better than crushing candies at the top, because candies drop down, creating the potential for a cascade effect that essentially gives you free moves.

3. Go for combos

The two best combinations are the wrapped candy and the striped candy, and the sprinkle donut hole and the striped candy. Together, they can wipe out over half the board for you. This can also help you get to places which are off the board or otherwise difficult to reach. This is the only way you will get by levels such as 181, which have unreachable squares. Also, a wrapped candy switched with another wrapped candy will ignite a 6 by 4 square which can clear a huge area.

4. Know your stripes!

Candy is striped in the same direction as the final candy moved to complete the previous formation. If you move a candy horizontally, it will make a horizontal stripe, which will then explode horizontally as well.

5. Assess your threats!

Assess your threats. Prioritize getting rid of evil candy by their threat levels. For example, I usually make it a rule to kill low number bombs first, then chocolate, then go after the blocks.

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