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Candy Crush Game App Soda Saga v1.110.6 Apk Download

Candy Crush Game App Soda Saga v1.110.6 Apk Download


Wow! Why wow do you know all people? Because the way math is being used in the game of candy crush soda saga. Have you ever assumed that why this game makes us excited and Excites our adrenaline rush. Its works behind the screen of comple and simple math algorithm. Developers are always busy and fell in hell like we fell in heaven in the game.

If you mean passing hard boards, there’s nothing random about it. You NEED a lucky board to pass them. You can use EVERY power up and not pass the hard and super hard levels, then get a lucky board, use no power ups and beat the board with 5 moves to spare. They do this for 2 reasons:

to encourage you buy power ups. If you do they may give you a lucky board faster but I thinks that’s HORRIBLE to force payment out of people so I won’t buy power ups for this reason.

To slow your progression down so that you’re not at the end beginning for new levels (which happens every day on their message boards)


Will Candy Crush Saga ever end? Do you finishes the highest level and get anything?

WHAT! This I never had though in my mind. Really astonishing question. Through we tried to find this obvious questions answer and the answer may seem disappointed or maybe simple as crystal.

I think the developers will keep adding levels until the number of “active & old” (players active at high levels) is enough to sustain their business. Yeah that’s a shot of the day. is a successful company with a revenue of $4.41b and is likely to keep adding new content to this highly popular game in the coming years. THIS is the second biggest reason I’ve seen.

The player who finishes the highest level gets to brag about it to friends (until another game update).


Note: we never allow any other way for violating the developer policy. Feel free to ask us. We are strong believers of code of wisdom.

Soda Pop Crush Game Candy Crush Game App Soda Saga At Andropoint

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