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Badland 2 Android v1.0.0.1061 Badland Google Play Apk Download


The first season of the game is generally about the fall of Sunny and his eventual exile, which follows the first 18 chapters of Journey to the West as the Monkey King orchestrates a rebellion against Heaven and is punished, sent to the wilderness and imprisoned. We also see in the first season the prelude to how M.K. becomes a monk (an allusion to Tripitaka/Sanzang’s life before going on the road).


In the second season we see the introduction of [Zhu] Bajie as well as Nathaniel Moon (or in the book, Friar Sand). So my interpretation of the Wall is that it’s the separation between “Heaven” and the wilderness (where in the book, the exiled spirits of heaven exist as demons).


The series takes a lot of liberties with the characters, the timeline, and the general plotline of the original book so who is to say if Sunny will ever make it across the wall or if M.K. will graduate from his monk academy with a quest to find some mythical item in the Badlands and seek out Sunny and Bajie to help him secure it.


[Download] Badland 2 Android Game Google Play

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Badland 2 Android v1.0.0.1061 MOD Apk Download

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